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Data Science Africa

Since 2013

About Data Science Africa

Data from a vast array of sources is becoming available in many African countries. Machine learning and analysis are being applied to solve real problems on the ground.

We at Data Science Africa aim to create a hub in the network of data science researchers across Africa, by,
  1. Providing an index of researchers and practitioners in the field of Data Science in Africa
  2. A resource of lectures and notes
  3. Links and sources of information and potential data sources
  4. In the future a discussion forum to discuss Data Science questions
  5. An online presence for data science conferences and workshops



A list of groups and researchers in the field of Africa Data Science;

AI Research Group, Makerere University,  Uganda
AI Research Group Ernest Mwebaze

The AI research group at Makerere University specialises in the application of artificial intelligence and data science —including, for example, methods from machine learning, computer vision and predictive analytics—to problems in the developing world.

Pulse Lab Kampala,  Uganda
John Quinn

The first innovation lab in Africa, Pulse Lab Kampala brings together data scientists, data engineers, partnership specialists, academics and technical experts to generate high impact data analysis tools to address development challenges. These innovative tools support UN partners and government in anticipating and responding to poverty, impacts of natural disasters, epidemics and food security by leveraging new sources of digital ‘Big Data’ (such as social media, mobile data, online information) and real-time analytics. Through partnerships, and in alliance with the Government, Pulse Lab Kampala acts as an ecosystem catalyst. In addition to keynoting regional conferences on data innovation, the Lab conducts learning sessions for UN partners and workshops for government and academic partners.

IBM Kenya,  Kenya
IBM Research Africa

IBM Research-Africa is IBM's 12th global laboratory and the first commercial technology research facility on the continent conducting both applied and far-reaching exploratory research.

Humanitarian Data Exchange (HDX) Data Lab - Nairobi,  Kenya

Dedan Kimathi University of Technology, Nyeri,  Kenya
Ciira's homepage Ciira Maina

ML@SITraN, University of Sheffield,  UK
ML@SITraN Neil Lawrence


Lectures, tutorials and other relevant material
Workshop on Data Science in Africa 2015
Slides from the data science africa workshop, in 2015.

Free Datasets For All
Prestone Adie   Kenya Open Data Team

Investigating Traditional Systems of Medicine Using Phylogenies Derived from Gene Sequences
Ciira Maina   DeKUT

Automated Monitoring of Viral Cassava Disease
Ernest Mwebaze,   Makerere University

Differential Privacy
Michael Smith   University of Sheffield

Humanitarian Data Exchange Project
Reuben Cummings  

The Punya Mobile Application Development Platform
Julius Adebayo   MIT

Pivoting Entity-Attribute-Value data Using MapReduce for Bulk Extraction
Augustus Kamau   DeKUT

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