Videos from Data Science Africa 2016

Kampala, Uganda

Summer School
Video from Day 1

Lecture 1: Introduction to Data Science and Machine Learning
Neil D. Lawrence, University of Sheffield

Lecture 2: Introduction to Classification
Michael T. Smith, University of Sheffield html

Lecture 3A: Spatial Data Analysis
Ricardo Andrade, UCSF Global Health Science slides

Lecture 3B: From raw data to meaningful features
Andreas Damianou, University of Sheffield slides ipynb

Video from Day 2

Lecture 4: Data Wrangling with Pandas
Martin Mubangizi - Pulse Lab Kampala ipynb data

Lecture 4: Practical Session

Lecture 5: Classification Continued
John Quinn, Pulse Lab Kampala and Makerere University html

Lecture 6: Data Exploration and Visualization
Ernest Mwebaze, Makerere University

Video from Day 3

Lecture 7: Text Mining
Fred Kiwanuka, UNICEF

Model Selection
Ciira Maina, Dedan Kimathi University of Technology PDF slides

Video from Day 1

Introduction Presentation
Pulse Lab Kampala data science team on current projects, Pulse Lab Kampala

Current data science work at IBM Research Africa, including Cognitive Companions in Healthcare and Education.
Simone Fobi and Oliver Bent and Skyler Speakman, IBM Research Africa

Big Data for Agriculture: Opportunities in Africa
Evan Girvetz, International Center for Tropical Agriculture (CIAT)

Smartphone-based Disease Surveillance
Ernest Mwebaze, Makerere University/Pulse Lab Kampala

KUDU: Mobile-Based Agricultural Market in Uganda
Richard Ssekibuule, Kudu

A Framework for Decision Support Tools to Optimize Smallholder Dairy Production in East Africa
Gladness Mwanga, Nelson Mandela African Institute for Science and Technology, Arusha, Tanzania

Data on Livelihoods to Target and Track Agricultural Interventions
Godfrey Taulya, IITA Uganda

Breed Composition of Tanzania Crossbred Dairy Cattle
Evans Cheruiyot, University of Nairobi and Usami Genomics Kenya

Sustainable Urban Planning Using Big Data from Mobile Phones
Daniel Emaasit, University of Nevada, Las Vegas

An Atlas of Kampala Buildings
Bernard Wright, Geo Gecko

Telemetry for Urban Planning Case Study: Boda Boda
Joseph Kaizi, Thin Void

Crowd Sourced Transcription of Kampala's Traffic Collision Data
Michael T. Smith, University of Sheffield

Open Data Practice and Principles with the Kenya Open Data Initiative
Prestone Adie, Kenya Open Data Initiative

IVR Surveys
Jamie Arkin, Human Network International

Video from Day 2

The Kenya Bioacoustics Project
Ciira Maina, Dedan Kimathi University of Technology, Nyeri, Kenya

New Directions in Data Science
Neil Lawrence, University of Sheffield

An Axis of Data Science Research
Dina Machuve, Nelson Mandela African Institute of Science and Technology

Data Science for Malaria Elimination
Ricardo Andrade, University of California San Francisco

Social Science Approaches to Data Science
Kerry Holden, Queen Mary University of London

Automated Mobile Microscopic Diagnosis
Rose Nakasi, Makerere University

Monitoring Option B+ in Real Time
Martin Mubangizi, Pulse Lab Kampala

Data Science at UNICEF
Fred Kiwanuka, UNICEF

Enhancing Water Quality Monitoring Efforts in the Lake Victoria Using Satellite Imagery
Anthony Gidudu, Geomatics and Land Management, Makerere University

Joryne Arigye, Makerere University

Paula Hidalgo Sanchis, Pulse Lab Kampala

'Data Science' Training & Mentoriship Programs: A Silicon Valley Hiring Manager Perspective
Eric Williams, Omada Health



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