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Data Science Africa 2017 Accommodation

Arusha, Tanzania

Hotel Residents (TZS) East Africans Others Service Contact Area
NM-AIST campus 30,000 USD 30 USD 30 Bed Only Tengeru
Green Mountain Hotel 50,000 USD 50 USD 50 Bed and Breakfast Town
Corridor springs hotel 100,000 TZS 100,000 USD 390 Bed and Breakfast Town
Park View Hotel 30,000 TZS 30,000 TZS 30,000 Bed and Breakfast 0765-615112 (WhatsApp) USA River
Ndesa Safari Lodge 20,000 TZS 35,000 TZS 35,000 Bed and Breakfast 0752-639392 (WhatsApp) USA River
The Haus 60,000/ USD 60 USD 60 Bed and Breakfast Town



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Silver Sponsors

Sponsoring Data Science Africa 2017 Event is a great way to communicate your commitment to support the achievement of the sustainable development goals. To become a sponsor, please contact Data Science Africa at