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DSA Response

In the wake on the new novel corona virus (COVID-19) spreading throughout the world and causing significant changes to dally lives, we ate DSA are closely monitoring the situation, especially as it spreads through African countries. We are are acutely aware of the disadvantages some of the countries have when it comes to pandemics like this, and we want to help in any way we can.

We at Data Science Africa are responding to this pandemic in the following ways (so far):
  1. Providing a platform for Data Science in Africa participants and affiliates to convene and help in any way they can
  2. Organizing virtual meetings to educate
  3. Providing links and sources of information and potential data sources


The information presented here is not meant to be substitute for information from relevant authorities.


1st DSA Covid-19 Webinar on April 8th, 1600 GMT
Discussion on how we are responding to the pandemic, info on how and where to help. Key agenda include:
  • Highlight the efforts by data scientists to combat this pandemic.
  • Determine avenues for collaboration.
  • Link data scientists with domain experts.
Talks live-streamed on Youtube included:
  • Introduction - Prof Neil Lawrence, Prof Elaine Nsoesie, Dr Ciira Maina
  • Uncovering the uncertainty and confusion surrounding the spread, symptoms, causes and treatment of COVID-19 - Morine Amutorine
  • Just-in-time data: Using real-time data visualization to combat COVID-19 - Osamai Osbert [slides]
  • Putting Zindi's machine learning community to work on COVID-19 - Paul Kennedy [slides]
  • Coronavirus cases in Uganda: visualizing what the data is telling us so far - Bright Onapito [slides]
  • Q&A and Visualisation and Data Collection Roundtable - Osamai Osbert, Bright Onapito, Paul Kennedy, Morine Amutorine, Billy Okal
  • Resource-optimal testing mechanisms for COVID-19 - Francisco Marmolejo-Cossío [slides]
  • Epidemiology Analysis of the Risk of COVID-19 in Nigeria - Abimbola Olawale Victor
  • A mathematical modeling consortium for COVID-19 epidemic prediction and resource allocation in South Africa - Brooke Nichols [slides]
  • Exploring lockdown exit strategies - Andrei Paleyes [slides]
  • Q&A and Modelling Roundtable - Abraham D. Flaxman, Abimbola Olawale Victor, Brooke Nichols, Andrei Paleyes, Francisco Marmolejo-Cossío, Elaine Nsoesie
  • Conclusion and Next Steps - Martin Mubangizi


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