Summer School


In the tradition of previous Data Science Africa events, a summer school on machine learning and data science will be held prior to the main workshop. This summer school will target graduate students, researchers, and professionals working with huge amounts of data or unique datasets. The DSA 2023 Kigali Summer School will be hosted by the University of Rwanda in Kigali from 8th - 10th of May 2023. The summer school will also involve end-to-end tutorial sessions from professionals walking the participants through introductory and advanced lectures in data science and machine learning as well as moderate to advanced practical and tutorial sessions where participants will get their hands wet wrangling and munging datasets and applying cutting edge machine learning techniques to derive inference from the data.

To this end, we require that participants are well versed in the basics of the technologies and languages that will be used in the summer school. Particularly we want to make sure participants have sufficient base skills in Python programming, Data Science, and Machine learning. You are required to DOWNLOAD the corresponding notebook complete the notebook and then fill out the registration form below that requires you to upload the ZIP file of the completed notebook. Register by submitting your Notebooks here

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