Data Science Africa - 2019 Addis summer school is aimed at equipping participants with Machine Leaning, Data Science and Artificial Intelligence skills. This will be organised in sesions and after each session there will be exercises to assess the learning.

To this end, we require that participants are well versed with the basics of the technologies and languages that will be used in the summer school. Particularly, we want to make sure participants have sufficient base skills in Python programming, Data science and Machine learning. You are required to download the notebook with python basics to the right (by clicking it), complete the notebook and then fill out the registration form below that requires you to upload the completed notebook. Attendance to the summer school will be based on your performance in this notebook.

The second stage for skilled data scientists and DSA Alumni is the Malaria Data Science Challenge on Codalab and the Cassava Disease Classification (FGVC6) Challenge on Kaggle. You are advised to attempt both the challenges for great awards at the summer school.

Good luck! If somethings in the notebooks are unclear, Google is your friend. Some possible reference material can also be found here: Learn python, the all round reference Data camp.