Data Science Africa-2019 Accra summer school is aimed at equipping participants with Machine Leaning, Data Science and Artificial Intelligence skills. This will be organised in modules with exercises at the end of each module to assess the learning.

To this end, we require that participants are well versed with the basics of the technologies and languages that will be used in the summer school. Particularly, we want to make sure participants have sufficient base skills in Python programming, Data science and Machine learning.

This year we are trying a new participant registration requirement. We would like you to enrol in an active challenge where you have to download a dataset and sample code and build a working model that you can submit to the challenge.

The challenge is hosted on Codalab and relates to Malaria Microscopy. It requires you to build two models, a classification model to detect parasites in an image of a blood slide, and an object detection model/regression problem where you have to predict the bounding boxes around each detected parasite. The requirement for enrolment is submission to either problem (or both). Acceptance will be based on your rank in performance.

Once you have attempted the challenge you can proceed to register here. Registration will require you to submit a valid user ID that is registered in the challenge.

Good luck! If somethings in the challenge are unclear, Google is your friend.